When you live at the John M. Parrott Centre you’ll get full time care you need in a comfortable setting yet close to friends and family.

You’ll find state of the art amenities. You’ll live in a village setting with 28 residents each sharing a home. A Registered Nurse is on duty 24 hours a day and personal support workers help you with your daily needs.

At the John M. Parrott Centre you will be treated with courtesy and respect and given the physical, social, psychological and spiritual support you need to live with dignity while promoting independence. You’re encouraged to interact with staff, your family and friends freely. You’ll live in a safe, clean environment with good food, entertainment and activities. Plus you’ll have access to the library, daily newspapers and a tuck shop for stamps and incidental items.

There are 168 beds with options for a standard (shared room and bathroom) room or private room with ensuite bath. (One private room is available for respite stay arranged through SELHIN.)

Your family may want to stay close if you’re terminally ill; a hospitality suite is available to them.

Here’s what the families of residents say about life in the John M. Parrott Centre.


Mission: The John M. Parrott Centre is an inclusive long term care home, where residents will be cared for with dignity, respect, and empathy, provided by knowledgeable staff, in a home-like environment, while respecting the identity of residents and their quality of life.

Vision: We are continuously striving to meet the needs of all our residents, by providing the highest quality of resident focused care, while ensuring The John M. Parrott Centre continues to provide an atmosphere that thrives on respect and self-fulfillment.

Values:  Be Clear, Compassion, Equality, Leadership, Accountability, Respect.