Commissioner of Oath Services

Commissioner of Oath Services are not being provided during the Provincial Lockdown.

  • Proper identification (photo ID) such as a valid driver's license, current passport or any other government-issued photo identification must be presented as well as the completed affidavit with the exception of the signature.
  • The affidavit must be signed in the presence of the Commissioner.
  • It is at the exclusive discretion of the individual Commissioner of Oaths whether or not they choose to sign the document
  • The Commissioner of Oaths will not prepare or edit affidavits, nor provide legal advice. 

The Commissioner of Oaths may sign documents related, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Consents to Travel
  2. Residency Documentation
  3. Vehicle Transfers
  4. Change of Ownership
  5. Insurance Claims
  6. Pension Plan Documents
  7. Certify Documents as "True Copies"
  8. Certification of Identifiable Individual's Signature
  9. Any government-related forms
  10. Municipally-Related Documents (In-house)

Certify True Copies:

The Clerk's Office certifies true copies of original documents such as birth, death, marriage certificates and passports. The original document must be provided in order to certify a true copy.