Your Typical Day

The John M. Parrott Centre reflects the gracious elegance of an earlier time, full enjoyment of the present, and anticipation and optimism for the future. Warm your heart and lift your spirit:  look at what residents’ families typically say.


Dining is a special time at our home.

Each residential home area features a kitchen and dining room. Small family dining rooms in each house, decorated with Gibbard furniture made in Napanee, provides a delightful setting for family get togethers and special occasions. The warm fireplace and rich fabrics create a cozy environment for our delicious meals.

We invite you to spend special, intimate times with family and friends in the separate, formal dining room in each resident home area.


Helping Residents Achieve a Sense of Well-Being and Energy

We like to pamper our residents. Each “residential home area” in The John M. Parrott Centre has a spa. The spas have deep, luxurious tubs with heated towels and soft music.

Residents have the choice to join different activities daily, and include their families

We believe in creating an environment with experiences that help our residents restore their sense of well-being and energy. Residents decide how they wish to spend their time. There are options available for both small and large group activities - 7 days a week. Here’s the Activities Calendar to help you choose.

When the Residents Who Live in the John M. Parrott Centre Leave Their Residential Home Areas, They Enter the Neighbourhood or “the Village”.

As they stroll down the “village streets”, residents can visit the Village Salon, the General Store, the Library and the Tea Room.

A very special destination is the Village Chapel. The Chapel, with its beautiful windows, overlooks the gardens and offers a quiet retreat for contemplation, a sanctuary for memorial services, and a setting for spiritual celebrations.

The Tea Room is a favourite setting for an afternoon respite with family and friends. A pot of tea and freshly baked cookies are always conducive to fellowship and conversation.

As you walk through “the Village”, to MacDonald Hall—the gathering place—you can experience craft fairs, band concerts, church teas and bazaars.

Family and friends can also join residents for lemonade or iced tea on the veranda, the sun porches or in the gazebo. The sun room is the perfect place for a game of cribbage, crokinole or cards.

As you stroll through the residential home areas at The John M. Parrott Centre, you will hear the residuum of piano and notice residents gathered by the fire, reading in the library, watching television in the living room or settled in a comfortable chair on the veranda. Residents can watch the sunset from the gardens or porches.

Every Home Has Access to a Garden.

The meandering, colourful gardens have comfortable sitting areas and special mobile planters for those with green thumbs. The home gardens are designed in the style of our county community gardens with orchards, sunflowers, vegetables, garden sheds and bird feeders.

Restful Retreats

At the end of the day, residents can return to their individual bedrooms, each of which is tastefully decorated with soft, warm colours; individual temperature controls: memory boxes with mementoes of special times and special people. Each room reflects the resident’s personality.


Housekeeping, Laundry and Maintenance

The Environmental Services Supervisor is responsible for all housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services within the building.

All rooms are completely furnished; however, residents may bring in personal articles as space permits. We ask that personal furniture be clean and in good repair. Housekeeping staff is responsible for keeping resident rooms as well as the whole facility clean.

We ask that all personal belongings (except for clothing which is labeled by our staff) be labeled with the resident's name.

Bedding, linen, washcloths and towels are supplied by The John M. Parrott Centre.

Electronic equipment such as radios and televisions must be C.S.A. approved and inspected by the Maintenance Department prior to use, to ensure that cords, plugs, etc., are in good condition. Small appliances such as kettles, heaters and refrigerators are prohibited in resident rooms. For more information, please contact us.


The John M. Parrott Centre Encourages and Supports All Spiritual and Religious Beliefs/Practices.

A Chapel is located on the east end of MacDonald Hall offering an area for quiet reflection complete with stained glass windows and a beautiful view of the Community Garden.

The pastoral care program is coordinated by our Chaplain. A service is held each Sunday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in the Chapel. These services are conducted by area clergy. Interfaith communion services are held during the week and are posted as to the date and time. All residents and families are welcome to attend.

Other important components of our pastoral care program include memorial services, World Day of Prayer, and Remembrance Day services.

staff member doing residents hair.jpgHairdressing and Barber Services

A full service hair care salon is located on site. Our hairdresser offers a full range of services on a fee-for-service basis. Arrangements will be made to have the cost of hair care services taken out of the Resident Trust account (see the Resident's Guidebook).  Family and friends may also take advantage of this service. Book your appointment with the Village Salon at 613.354.3306 ext. 7260


Mail & Stamps

Outgoing mail may be deposited in the Mail Box located at the Welcome Centre. Stamps can be purchased at the Tuck Shop. Incoming mail is delivered to each resident's room by staff, Monday through Friday.


Safety & Preparation for Emergency

Safety at The John M. Parrott Centre is of prime importance. Each resident has access to a nurse call bell, which is located at the head of each bed and in their bathroom. The bell may also be attached to the bed linen to provide easier access.

All exit doors are equipped with mag locks and an alarm system. Access to the building is by coded access through the front door.

Residents who tend to wander will be provided with a wanderguard bracelet.

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