The 2024 budget, totals $103.6 million in order to provide a broad range of services as set out in detail in the budget document.

$35.9 million of the total budget is raised through property taxation. The County’s 2024 property tax levy will increase by 2.9% or $990,602 from 2023, after allowing for assessment increases due to new development and growth. $848,800 or 2.5% of the 2023 tax levy, has been dedicated as additional funding for capital improvements to the County’s arterial road and bridge network. This represents an increase of .5% from prior years and assists with Council meeting their Strategic Capital Planning objective of the 2023-2026 Council Strategic Priorities. 

The average residential property assessment in the County of Lennox and Addington in 2024 is $261,284 (2023 - $259,247). The County portion of the property taxes on this assessment in 2024 is $1,514.34 (an increase of $53.55 from 2023).

Some of the highlights of the 2024 budget include:

  • Staffing enhancements at The John M Parrott Centre that will further augment our infection control capacity as well as helping to achieve our 4 hours of care and customer service excellence.
  • $19.1 million for capital improvements to County Roads & Bridges, this will include the reconstruction of County Road 2 through the Town of Odessa. In addition, 13.0 kms of hot mix paving and 20.9 kms of surface treated roads. The County will receive $1.42 million in federal gas tax funds and $1.1 from the Province to assist with the cost of road projects. An update to the Transportation Master Plan is planned to start in 2024.
  • $947,450 for capital repairs, equipment and furnishings for The John M. Parrott Centre and $619,400 for capital improvements to County-owned buildings
  • $919,700 for capital improvements to Social Housing.
  • $75,000 per year for a ten-year period (from 2019 to 2028) for the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation capital campaign.
  • $50,000 per year for a ten-year period (from 2024 to 2033) for the Lennox and Addington County Hospital Foundation’s MRI acquisition.

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