How can I provide subsidized housing?

PELASS offers private landlords an opportunity to provide affordable housing to renters who already live in their units or renters from the Centralized Wait List.

I want to create affordable housing; is there funding to help me do that?

You may be able to access funds from the Provincial and Federal Governments which PELASS receives to use for various modes of affordable housing. Contact PELASS at 613.354.0957 if your development idea involves:

  • New builds or renovation of an existing building to create additional affordable housing in the community. Funds are available for both counties.


As a landlord you’re protected under different legislation. Here are some helpful links for tenants and landlords so you know your rights and responsibilities.


If you are seeking information regarding tenant and landlord rights and information, please contact:


PELASS does not provide legal advice to landlords or housing providers on tenant-related matters but the following links may be helpful.