Come join us at our Community of Practice held each month in Napanee and Picton. These meetings give educators an opportunity to come together to share their experiences while building support networks for their practice. Educators are encouraged to reflect on their experiences and interests while they engage in the process of collective, collaborative learning.


With the support of a facilitator, we create learning experiences for educators that parallel what we want them to offer children. We want educators to:   foster creativity; create rich learning environments; respect individual learning styles; encourage curiosity; support reasonable risk taking and provide opportunities for children to think and work together. In order to do this, educators deserve the time and opportunity to engage in rich learning experiences themselves. It is only when they know what that feels like that they can inspire it in others. Think, Feel, Act, Anne Marie Coughlin & Lorrie Baird.

Communities of Practice have been proven to be a powerful form of professional development or capacity building for educators.  It has been found that change is more likely to happen and be sustained when people doing the same type of work are able to engage together over time, sharing their similar interests and ideas. Reflecting in Communities of Practice , Deb Curtis et al.

Each month we focus on several topics of interest that are brought forward from previous communities of practice.