Catherine reviews Three Daughters of Eve by Elif Shakaf, a novel that focuses on themes of class, cultural identity and the changing Middle East.

"This novel is just so intelligent and timely. It follows an Istanbul native named Peri, both in past and present. Her father is a secularist, her mother a devout Muslim. Peri herself is confused and throughout her life she struggles with her identity and relationship with God. A devoted student, she enrolls in Oxford as a young woman where she takes a philosophy course focused on the concept of God. It is run by a charming professor who is known for testing his students. The enigmatic Professor Azur will continue to haunt Peri for years, even as she goes about her life as a wife/mother running in Istanbul's modern bourgeois circles. If you are interested in any of the following themes: class, cultural identity, religion, liberal vs. conservative values, feminism, the changing Middle East...this book is definitely worth a look!"

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