Patricia recently enjoyed Patti Callahan’s Surviving Savannah, a historical novel centered on the Steamship Pulaski disaster in the 1830s. Here is her review:

If historical fiction or stories with a dual time line are of interest to you then Surviving Savannah just might be a book you should add to your to be read pile.

In 1836 the steamship Pulaski set sail for a trip from Savannah to Baltimore. The ship was filled with families heading to their summer homes to escape the Savannah heat. On board the reader meets Augusta Longstreet a single woman embarking on this trip with her brother’s family consisting of his wife and their six children and Lilly Forsyth along with her baby Madeline, her nurse maid Priscilla, and her husband Adam.

Part way through the journey, a boiler explodes and the Pulaski sinks. The strength, courage and resilience of Augusta and Lilly are put to the test as they struggle to survive the wreckage.

In the present day, the reader meets Everly, Maddox, and Oliver. Everly is a teacher and historian who is challenged to research and design a museum exhibit that showcases the steamship Pulaski. Maddox is a diver who finds the wreck at the bottom of the ocean. Oliver is a museum curator and friend of Everly.

As history unfolds truths are revealed, lives are explored, and love prevails.

Fans of Diane Chamberlain, Sarah Jio, Jennifer Robson, and Joanna Goodman are sure to enjoy Surviving Savannah.

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