Patricia recently enjoyed That Summer by Jennifer Weiner, a beach read with some surprising depth. Here is her review:

I admit I choose books based on their covers and titles. Currently I am ready a lot of brain candy – think romance, happy endings, a little bit of drama, a beach read. So my eye was caught by That Summer by Jennifer Weiner. The cover is lovely and pink with a sandy walkway to a beach, a cozy looking small house and two women looking out at the water. To my surprise this book tackled rape, consent, change, and how people cope.

Daisy has ‘the perfect life’ – a successful business and a family. But what appears perfect is actually sleepless nights, a difficult daughter, grief and a strained marriage.

Diana feels broken and cannot get through what happened to her ‘that summer’. It haunts her dreams, hinders her relationships and has changed who she is as a person.

What will happen when these two women chance to meeting because of an email sent to the wrong address?

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