Patricia recently enjoyed No Offense, the latest rom-com novel by The Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot. Here is Patricia's review:

No Offense by Meg Cabot was a quick, quirky romance. The cute cover made me pick up the book, then I read the jacket and learned it was about a children’s librarian and finally I read: “The average citizen would probably be surprised to learn how often librarians – many of whom had masters degrees – were called upon to dispose of diapers or unclog toilets, though this was not listed anywhere in their job description.” I was hooked! I work in a library; I’ve disposed of diapers and unclogged toilets. By page 8, I had already chuckled at the accurate portrayal of the glamourous life of a public librarian.

Molly is the new children’s librarian who is doing her best to settle into her new job in town. In the middle of a program, a library patron tells Molly that one of the washroom stalls needs attention. Prepared for the worst, Molly crawls under the door of the stall to find a baby in a box on the toilet seat.

John is the Sherriff in town, a single dad doing his best to look after his daughter, solve crimes, and take care of his health. When a call comes in about an abandoned baby at the library, John never expected to arrive on the scene and have sparks fly – both in anger and romance. For Molly and John there is nothing like a small town mystery to bring two people together. Readers who enjoy Sophie Kinsella, Jasmine Guillory, Sally Thorne, or Tessa Bailey might also enjoy this book.

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