If you are a patron of the library's Amherstview Branch, you are probably well acquainted with Jennifer. Here's a bit more about her and her work at the library. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at the library?

My mantra is “To give people the information they need to make the decisions that matter to them.” I love questions that make use of my nerdy detective skills. Finding your next good read, solving your tech snarl, or hooking you up with one of our programs makes my day!

What are some of your favourite books?

Stories featuring strong female protagonists who overcome the odds are my go-tos. Nobody beats Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series for a dark dalliance in supernatural romance. Elizabeth Acevedo’s unique voice in The Poet X  speaks to my sense of wordplay. Intersection Allies by Chelsea Johnson stands out as the best picture book on diversity and inclusion. Maggie de Vries’ memoir Missing Sarah is both memorable elegy and powerful plea for social justice.

What inspired your love of reading?

Historical fiction was my first love. As a kid, Island of the Blue Dolphins inspired me as a heroic survival story. In my teens I devoured science fiction. Octavia Butler’s exploration of identity and society in Dawn stayed with me long after the last page. The realization that there is a book to fit every mood cemented my addiction!

What are your areas of expertise at the library?

I think of myself as the Swiss Army Knife librarian because I like to do a bit of everything. Book talks, craft workshops, and volunteering, oh my! I facilitate a one-of-a-kind themed book club, two craft clubs, and a book lending program for offenders at Bath Institution. I love to fill in for children’s storytime in French! 

What do you do in your downtime?

Soccer for the win! I play soccer in three leagues, including recreational and competitive women’s only as well as a co-ed division, all year long, indoors and outdoors. I also play futsal in fun pick-up games. Can't forget family and friends and, ahem, reading!

What do you think is the library’s most overlooked resource?

Have you tried NoveList? Learn about appeal factors, explore genres, and personalize your search for your next great read! It is my go-to for quick reviews and read-alikes. It is an easy way to vet books and tweak preferences so you get exactly what you want!