Elected officials across Eastern Ontario are hopeful that the Government of Ontario’s new $4-billion broadband program will help deliver Gig level speeds across the region.

The Province announced that the program, Ontario Connects, will connect every home, community and area to high-speed internet by the end of 2025. The program will provide funding directly to Internet Service Providers, who will be selected to serve different geographic areas through a series of reverse-bid auction events.

The substantial investment is applauded by the Eastern Ontario Regional Network, along with the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus and the Eastern Ontario Mayors’ Caucus.

EORN, which has been leading improved connectivity across the rural region for more than a decade, has proposed a regional project to deliver broadband speeds of one gigabit (1G) across the region. This project would deliver ultra-fast internet to at least 95 per cent of the region, including some areas that have little service today. The organization offers its support to ensure that its residents get access to Gig-level speeds wherever possible. It is also encouraging the federal government to continue investing eastern Ontario.

EORN is currently delivering on a $300 million Cell Gap Project to improve cell service coverage and capacity. The project is jointly funded by federal and provincial governments, and Rogers Communications.

“We appreciate that the federal and provincial governments heard EORN, the EOWC and the EOMC about the urgent need for broadband expansion in our region. Public investment is critical to expanding broadband in rural areas,” said Debbie Robinson, Chair of the EOWC.

“We congratulate the Minister and the provincial government on this historic $4 billion investment. EORN is prepared to lend our expertise to deliver our Gig Project in support of the Government’s commitment to connect 100% of eastern Ontarians. Our work has demonstrated that collaborative, publicly funded broadband projects can deliver results,” said J. Murray Jones, Chair of EORN.

“EORN’s analysis demonstrated the economic value of connecting our communities to future-proof, Gig-speed internet and we are hopeful that Ontario Connects and federal funding programs will ultimately help deliver this level of service to our communities,” said Diane Therrien, Chair of the EOMC.

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Learn more about the provincial program: https://www.infrastructureontario.ca/Ontario-Connects/


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J. Murray Jones
Chair, EORN
Warden, Peterborough County

Debbie Robinson
Chair, EOWC
Warden, Renfrew County

Diane Therrien
Chair, EOMC
Mayor, City of Peterborough