Kelly recently read Homes: A Refugee Story, written by 15-year-old Abu Bakr al Rabeeah as he recounts what it was like to spend his childhood in the middle of a civil war. Read her review here:

"This is the true, self-told story of Abu Bakr’s young life. Fleeing Iraq to the safety of Syria the family soon finds itself in the middle of yet another conflict.The family members learn to fear silence and can sleep to the sounds of war around them as they wait, and wait, to find a new and safe home. Deeply moving, this heartbreaking and quick read is packed with violence and fear, but always the love of family and friends brings people through.Richly poetic in places, you get a feel of the sounds, smells and sights of life for this family (and so many others) that lived, and still live, in war torn areas.. The violence is palpable as you root for the family to survive the turmoil around them. Eventually, some of the family finds a way to Canada leaving so many others behind. Overcoming so much to survive, it is, of course, a new experience as family members find their footing in this new country making new friends and connections to their communities. That a hopeful memoir comes out of so much unease is wonderful."

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