Traffic, Roads, & Bridges

With winter weather approaching, we want to ensure our residents know these key safety tips to keep in mind when encountering a snow plow.


  • Be patient and keep a safe distance behind working snow plows. Snow plows often travel at a reduced speed because they are removing snow, spreading salt or sand and applying liquid anti-ice to roadways.
  • Never pass a snow plow. Snow plows are wider than the average vehicle with large blades that extend a metre or more ahead and into the neighbouring lane. Passing a snow plow could result in severe and fatal collisions.
  • Don’t drive beside a snow plow. Snow plows sometimes shift sideways when they are plowing packed snow or snow drifts which could put you at risk for a collision.
  • Beware of reduced visibility. Even at reduced plowing speeds, a light powdery snow forms a cloud in the wake of a snow plow that severely restricts a driver’s visibility. This makes passing extremely dangerous.
  • Move aside. Snow plows often drive along the centre line of a roadway to remove snow. If you are approaching a snow plow from the opposite direction, shift to the right of your lane, if conditions permit, to ensure there is enough space for the plow to pass you safely.
  • Watch for snow plows on sunny days. Snow plows and removal equipment are out for several hours and even days after a storm clearing shoulders and cutting back snow banks. Please be aware of plows even on clear days.
  • Teach children to play away from the road. The driver of a snow plow may not be able to see a child playing in the snow.
  • Children should never build snow forts or tunnels along the roadway. Snow forts and tunnels may collapse or be pushed down by snow plows or removal equipment.
  • Pedestrians should ensure they are visible. Pedestrians should move back from the road if they see or hear a snow plow approaching.


Remember Snow plows are on the road to help you! Give them space to keep everyone safe.  For more information on Lennox & Addington County Roads visit