Traffic, Roads, & Bridges

The public is reminded that any construction, paving or other alteration to driveways that is proposed for that portion of the driveway that is within the limits of any County Road road allowance is subject to By-law No. 2572/95, as amended, "A By-law to Regulate the Location, Construction and Use of Entrances Onto County Roads".

The by-law requires that a permit be issued by the County to authorize the proposed works within the road allowance. It is important that the County be contacted if driveway works are proposed so that the potential impact of the County's annual capital and maintenance program activities such as ditching, resurfacing and reconstruction on various County Roads can be considered.


For more information please contact:
Dan Baxter, Supervisor, Roads and Bridges 
97 Thomas Street East
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 4B9
Telephone: 613.354.4883 ext. 3228