County Council Meeting


The next meeting of Lennox and Addington County Council will be held in-person on Wednesday, November 9th at the County Court House.

The agenda is available on the County website:

Open House: Natural Heritage System Study


Lennox and Addington County is currently in the process of developing a Natural Heritage Systems Study.

The Natural Heritage System is made up of wetlands, woodlands, valleylands, watercourses, significant wildlife habitat, areas of natural and scientific interest and the linkages between natural heritage features.  The Province of Ontario requires municipalities to identify Natural Heritage Systems and preserve the diversity and connectivity of these features.

Court Hearings


All matters in the Napanee Provincial Offences Court are heard by Zoom audio, videoconferencing or in-person.  Please notify the court if you wish to attend in person.  If you chose to attend virtually, participating by video is recommended as there are technological limitations when joining by telephone.  If you are disconnected from the court proceeding, immediately try to reconnect using the same Meeting ID and Passcode. If you are still having issues, please call the main office at 613-354-1672.

March Break Fun at the Museum of L&A

Amber Meyer

We’re all counting down the days until March Break, and I couldn’t be more excited to have a week full of fun events lined up to keep your families entertained! This year we’ll be blasting off with daily space-themed activities that coincide with our Astrophotography and Vintage Space Toy exhibits currently on display. 


Space Toys.jpg

We’re Having a Moment

Kim Kerr

I had to update my personal information form at the dentist recently, and I smiled at myself as I wrote archivist under profession. I knew what was coming as soon as I handed the form over the counter. As predicted, the receptionist scanned the page to make sure every field had appropriate content, and said, “Archivist, oh, what’s that?” 

Child Care Fee Subsidies Now Available


Do you need assistance with Child Care?  Online fee subsidy applications are now available here.

And.... We're back!

Michelle Barclay

After another month (mostly) working from home, with only my cat to keep me company, I am thrilled to be back in the archives! In January, I devoted most of my time to bringing more content online, specifically photographs. I’ve been busily updating descriptions in the collections database to get as many digitized photographs up online as possible. I’ve also spent a lot of time scanning photographs on loan from some of our community members, continuing the quest to preserve snapshots of everyday life in L&A throughout the twentieth century.

Moving With The Times

Joanne Himmelman

I am writing this blog on the day the biggest snowstorm has hit in years!  I honestly sit here in a bit of awe that we are still in the midst of this pandemic almost 24 months later and that I am yet again working from home. But alas, here we are and do want to know the most scary thing of all?  - I am left alone with my curatorial thoughts… so many of those and let me tell you... yikes!

A Plain White Treasure Box

Alannah MacGregor

Do you know that feeling of joy when you’re unwrapping a gift and you’re pretty sure you know what to expect? You open the gift box, you unwrap the object and suddenly you’re holding something completely different in your hand! That was exactly what I felt this past week when opening a box of artifacts. 

Picture 2.JPG

Genealogy, DNA and a New Pair of Eyes

Jim Sova

Let me start by saying I feel a bit like the guy who has been on the end of the bench most of the hockey game, but late in the 3rd period with everyone else tired and sore I am put in and I happen to be in front of the net when a shot from the point deflects off my leg and goes into the goal and we win the game.  Will I be recorded as scoring the winning goal?  Yes.  Was my play the main reason the team won? Not really.  Will I tell the story of my winning goal for years to come? Of course, I will!!