Starry night events happening at the Dark Sky Viewing Area in August

July 19, 2018
Rob Plumley

Although our area definitely needs some rain, we're asking for your positive thoughts to keep the clouds away on a few nights this August. The Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area is hosting a number of free events that will appeal to novice stargazers, astrophotography enthusiasts, and meteor watchers. 


Explore The Magnificent Waterways of L&A County

July 18, 2018
Mike Hector

Situated amid the scenic rural landscapes of South Eastern Ontario - and virtually smack dab in the middle between Toronto and Montreal, Lennox & Addington County is a rapidly emerging travel destination with plenty to offer. It's home to a plethora of activities, features and fun travel ideas for the savvy staycationer to discover.

Geocaching in L&A County Comes Naturally

July 16, 2018
Joe Tisdale

I've been geocaching for over nine years now, and I have travelled throughout North America seeking those little containers hidden in some truly awesome spots.

I found my first ever geocache right here in Napanee on January 12, 2009. It was called “Paper House” and it was located at N 44° 15.577 W076° 58.257, or for you non-geocachers, near Walmart. Being new to Napanee and not knowing much of the area, I thought it would be a good idea to use geocaching as a way to tour my new home town, and that is just what I did.

10 Fascinating Historic Sites to Explore in L&A County

July 3, 2018
Mike Hector

Canada’s story began right here in South Eastern Ontario. As settlers from all over the world arrived, various cities, towns and villages were built and expanded. As these communities grew, so too did the ever-changing tale of our fledgling nation. In times of both conflict, and peace - this expansive story has been etched into the streets, buildings and of communities of Ontario in a fascinating living tapestry.  

The Summertime Stargazing Tour takes to the sky on July 6th & 7th

June 25, 2018
Rob Plumley

The Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area’s event season is set to continue on Friday, July 6th & Saturday, July 7th (weather permitting). The 'Summertime Stargazing Tour' will be presented by dark sky enthusiast, Joe Gilker and is set to begin an hour after dusk, or about 10pm (weather permitting). Joe has become well-known in astrophotography circles in recent years and writes the popular "Dark Arts Astrophotography" blog.

Inspired and Unwired: The Essence of Naturally L&A

June 19, 2018
Mike Hector

For many of us, the chaotic nature of life in the concrete jungle can eventually reach critical mass. Whether it’s a classic case of cubicle fever, or the persistent siege of car horns, emails and calendar updates - we all experience the inevitable need to break free of it - and escape. 

Smallmouth Bass on Skootamatta Lake

June 19, 2018
Ashley Rae

It's finally here! Bass opener has arrived here in southeastern Ontario, and it is one of my most anticipated fishing seasons of the year.

Two-wheeled adventures in Lennox & Addington

June 14, 2018
Joe Tisdale

Who doesn't like to take a leisurely ride in the country, sometimes getting lost along the way? I know I do... If I'm in my car.

When I'm on a motorcycle it's a different story. When my wife Theresa and I take our bike out for a cruise, we like to plan the trips a bit better. Having only a 250 km range before filling up does cause some limitations. After all, it's an awful feeling being stranded in a remote area with no gas in the tank. Trust me, I know.

Astrophotographers Assemble event happening June 16th

June 14, 2018
Rob Plumley

A new series of events at the Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area this summer is sure to make aspiring nighttime shutterbugs happy

Riverbank Rentals now open along the Napaneee River waterfront

June 12, 2018
Rob Plumley

A brand new business has hit the waterways in Lennox & Addington County. Riverbank Rentals has set up shop along the Napanee River waterfront in Downtown Napanee. It is located in the parking lot beside The Waterfront River Pub & Terrace at 22 Water Street. Owner Harley Cunningham has a variety of kayaks and paddleboards available to rent, making The Napanee River more accessible than ever before.