Need some ideas for how to pamper Mom this Mother's Day?  How about the makings of a spa day, right there at home?  It's simple, quick, and easy to mix up some lip scrub, foot (or body) sugar scrub, or bath salts.  Look around for some jars you can use - and maybe decorate?- or some plastic containers with a good seal.

Lemon sugar scrub is great for removing dry skin on the feet, or anywhere on the body really, and it's really easy - just mix 1 cup of white sugar (brown is okay too - whichever you have the most of) with 1/3 cup coconut oil, a tablespoon or so of grated lemon zest, and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice.  Mix it all together really well - if it's too dry, add a bit more oil; and if it's too wet, add more sugar until it's the way you want it. Store in a tightly closed jar.

Homemade bath salts are made with basically Epsom salt and baking soda ... and whatever options you'd like to add in the way of scents or colours, or a bit of oil for added moisturizing. This is the recipe we've used in library programs before.

Lip scrub is made much the same as any other sugar scrub, only slightly different proportions. Start with 1/4 cup white or brown sugar, and add 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil (or jojoba, grapeseed, olive, or coconut oil), then add whatever you'd like for flavouring. Flavouring can be a few drops of vanilla extract, or any other type of extract, or essential oils. If Mom's a real coffee fan, try the recipe here - and don't worry if you don't have coconut sugar as regular white or brown sugar will do just fine.