Chantell recently enjoyed A Town Called Solace written by Mary Lawson, "a compelling and lifelike story that was a delight to read". Here is her review:

This novel takes place in 1972 in a small remote town in Northern Ontario called Solace. Narrated from the point of view of three characters; we are given a glimpse into each persons’ story of love, grief and loss that will be sure to capture your attention and maybe even your heart. This story transports you into the lives of Elizabeth, Clara and Liam, each with their own unique path, linked together by love and fate.  Elizabeth is a 72 year old woman confined to a hospital bed, who passes the time reminiscing about her life and making amends.  While in the hospital Elizabeth has tasked her 7 year old neighbor, Clara of taking care of her cat Moses. The distraction is just what Clara needs as she is trying to cope with the disappearance of her older sister. Things come crashing down when a stranger moves into Elizabeth’s house and suddenly all eyes are on Liam. Who is this mystery man and why is he living in Elizabeth’s house. What exactly is the mysterious link between Elizabeth and Liam? All is eventually revealed, give it a read to find out.  

A Town Called Solace is a beautifully written novel, sure to transport you to a time and place where you may find solace in each and every page.

If you are a fan of Tana French or Alice Munro then give this title a try. I also suggest that you give one of Mary Lawson’s other titles a read. Others I have thoroughly enjoyed by this author are Crow Lake and Road Ends.

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