Caitlyn from the Napanee Branch of the County of L&A Libraries recently enjoyed Robin Benway's Emmy & Oliver, a contemporary YA romance with heart.

"Emmy and Oliver were best friends until the day that Oliver was kidnapped by his father. For ten years, Oliver has been lost and everyone left behind has had nothing to go on – Emmy especially, who has one last thing from Oliver: a note that says he likes her. For ten years, she has hung on to this note, not knowing if Oliver is dead or alive, not knowing if that note would have become more if he wasn’t stolen away from her. But then, he’s found. What follows is an account of a group of friends getting to know each other again, after being separated for so long. Emmy and Oliver must confront the issues left by Oliver’s disappearance, and the questions that still remain as pieces of the puzzle continue to be revealed. Emmy, Oliver, and their friends Caro and Drew must all start over while still hanging on to memories from a decade ago. Not everything is as cut-and-dry as it seems, and while many things have changed, some haven’t. It’s up to them to figure out what."

Anyone looking for a fresh, enjoyable read with depth should definitely check this book out.

"I loved this book," says Caitlyn. "It was realistic and non-judgmental, especially as it dealt with Oliver’s homecoming and his story, his relationship with his father despite what he did, kidnapping Oliver, and his essential “rebirth” into the suburban Californian lifestyle that he lived with for his first seven years of life. It deals with the numerous characters affected by the tragedy and the fallout as Oliver returns – when the nightmare is a nightmare no more; instead, it’s the waking up from a bad dream. Anyone looking for a fresh, enjoyable read with depth should definitely check this book out."

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