Kristin recently enjoyed American Royals by Katharine McGee, a fun YA novel that has been described as Crazy Rich Asians meets The Crown. Here is her review:

To start with, I suggest getting comfy and cozy. Perhaps block out a few spare hours for yourself when you start this book because it is fun, fantastic and extremely hard to put down! American Royals by Katharine McGee is an entertaining story that takes place in an imaginary world where the United States of America has a royal family instead of a capitalistic democracy. When the Revolutionary War ended, the American people offered George Washington a crown, and he accepted. Ever since then, the House of Washington has remained on the throne and people in the present day are very obsessed with stories of their own royal family, particularly Princess Beatrice. Thanks to a newly approved law, the crown will pass onto the oldest child regardless of their gender. So now Princess Beatrice has the ultimate honour and responsibility of one day becoming Queen. While she has been preparing her entire life for the throne and training to become the face of a nation is she truly ready for this responsibility? How will she handle being the dutiful daughter and doing all that is expected of her to prepare herself in the eyes of her family, as well as the every American citizen? Will becoming Queen one day make all the hard work and preparation worthwhile? How much of herself will she have to hide away and give up for the sake of her country?

I was entirely absorbed by this book from the first few pages! The author has created a fascinating story that reminds me so much of the Windsor’s, but it also has many meaningful “human” themes woven into the overall story. This novel focused on how important family is, including the need for all siblings to stick together – especially if they happen to be the most popular, important, and regal family in all the land. Additionally, the book highlights the true-to-life struggles that royal families do face, like dealing with the media and all they do/organize behind the scenes. Thus, if you are a fan of the British royal family, a certified Royal Watcher, or are just looking for an addictive story to escape into than be sure to pick up this glittering novel on your next trip into the library!

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