Marg recently enjoyed The Woman Outside My Door, a creepy, fast-paced domestic thriller from debut author Rachel Ryan. Here is her review:

What would you do if your seven year old son insists that his imaginary friend “New Granny” is real, then she suddenly starts making phone calls to him and showing up (undetected of course) at the playground with treats? Sound creepy? Well, it is! The Woman Outside My Door, is the fast-paced debut novel by Rachel Ryan.This captivating domestic thriller will keep you guessing right up to its dramatic conclusion.

Georgina has been really stressed as of late with the death of her mother and with work, school and parenting commitments. On top of that she is coping with her husband’s recent betrayal. Georgina is not overly concerned at first when her son Cody starts mentioning New Granny thinking that he has created an imaginary friend to replace his grandmother but when the phone calls start and she senses someone watching her and Cody, she begins to think something more sinister is at play. With all the pressures she feels she starts to question her own stability especially when Cody, guessing that something isn’t quite right, starts to deny New Granny’s existence however the strange incidents continue.

When secrets from the past come to surface Georgina will undergo the fight of her life in an effort protect everything she holds dear.

Fans of Lisa Jewell, Shari Lapena and Clare MacKintosh would likely enjoy this thrilling page-turner.

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