Marg recently enjoyed the new psychological thriller Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen, a dual timeline rollercoaster ride. Here is her review:

Twenty years ago tragedy strikes the Sinclair family when siblings Leah, Marie and Carly are abducted from the backyard of their house while thirteen year old Carly is left in charge. The trauma they endure in the days to follow will shape their lives for years to come.

This fast-paced, dual timeline story by Louise Jensen follows the sisters from the time of the abduction to present day, twenty years later and a short time before the anniversary of that horrifying day. Told in multiple perspectives, this heart wrenching story weaves the tale of then and now as it absorbs the reader into the lives of these sisters.

When we meet the sisters they are struggling to cope. Leah, the mother of a young son, has been diagnosed with OCD and Fregoli Syndrome. Fregoli, a rare condition, causes her to believe that she sees the face of the same person on different people. In this case the face she sees is of one of her abductors, the man they called the “Moustache”. She is afraid of everything, especially of letting her son out of her sight. Marie struggles with substance abuse and Carly, who blames herself for not keeping her little sisters safe, is consumed with guilt and remorse and is unable to let go of the past.

As the story unfolds we learn of deep, dark family secrets, of the lies and deceit and ultimately the devastating truth behind the abduction of the Sinclair Sisters a.k.a The Stolen Sisters.

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