Kristin recently enjoyed The Other Windsor Girl by Georgie Blalock, a juicy novel of historical fiction that is evocative of The Crown. Here is her review:

Evoking the style of the widely popular show The Crown, the daughter of an impoverished noble is swept into the fame and notoriety of the royal family in this thrillingly intoxicating historical fiction novel! The story begins by introducing us to the Honorable Vera Strathmore who was happily engaged and looking forward to a pleasing life stretching out before her. However, a tragic event decimates all her plans overnight, and Vera begins secretly writing steamy romance novels in an attempt to regain the happiness she once enjoyed. Surprisingly, one of the biggest fans of her naughty novels is the one and only Princess Margaret! Thanks to a little luck and some mutual friends, Vera eventually gains an audience with the unruly princess. This meeting leads to an astonishing closeness between the two women and before Vera knows it, she finds herself appointed as second lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, sister to the future Queen Elizabeth! This novel takes readers on a wild adventure by following along with one of the most out-spoken, hard-drinking, partner-swapping members of the royal family. We already know from history books, as well as tabloids, that Princess Margaret’s life was turbulent, chaotic, and headline-grabbing. Even though her life was messy, Princess Margaret was a compelling and fascinating woman who tried to make the most of her severely controlled and scrutinized life. The author conveys all of this in the novel, while incorporating well-known elements of this period in British history through the thoughts, dreams, grief, and joy of the unforgettable characters she has created here. In summary, I encourage you to escape from reality by picking up The Other Windsor Girl because this historical fiction novel is quite unique and truly deserves a spot among the Crown jewels!

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