Kristin recently enjoyed The Orphan's Song by Lauren Kate, a new novel that she says is "a gorgeous tale with strong characters and a vivid setting that any fan of historical fiction will devour." Here is her review:

In The Orphan's Song, bestselling author Lauren Kate surprises us with an unexpected, powerful new historical fiction novel! Many YA readers are sure to know how talented this internationally celebrated author is from her previous novels for young adults, including the groundbreaking hit, Fallen. I was a huge fan of all her previous young adult books, so I was tremendously excited to get my hands on her debut adult novel! The book begins by dropping us in eighteenth century Venice, where the lives of two orphans are about to be changed forever. One night, Violetta and Mino, meet on the roof of the Hospital of Incurables by chance and bond over their mutual love of music. An immediate connection forms between these two and it will set them on a path full of adventure, love, betrayal, lies and forgiveness. These two young dreamers plan on escaping and choosing a life for themselves, far away from their restricted and secluded lives at the Incurables. As fate would have it, Violetta is soon selected for the Incurables’ world famous coro, and must sign an oath never to leave or even sing beyond the church doors again. To make matters worse, Mino is seemingly lost to her forever when he manages to flee from the Incurables on a search for his true family. Without him, the walls start to close in on Violetta, and she begins to take some dangerous risks in the hopes that her talented voice can secure her freedom. This novel will send you on a breathtaking journey that highlights the unexpected and transformative power of love, as well as the risks people will take to find their true passion in life. Thus, The Orphan’s Song is a gorgeous tale with strong characters and a vivid setting that any fan of historical fiction will devour!

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