Patricia recently enjoyed Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron, a witty romance that combines food and family drama. Here is her review:

Accidentally Engaged offers a funny look at arranged marriage, family over-involvement, and online cooking shows. Reena and Nadim meet on the stairs of their apartment building and there is an instant attraction. For Reena it is Nadim’s British accent and great body. For Nadim it is Reena’s curly hair and the smell of the bread she bakes.

The pair become friends and drunkenly submit an entry to an online cooking competition. Little did they know that to compete they must be a couple. To stay in the competition, Reena and Nadim decide to fake a relationship to help Reena obtain a dream of her own cooking show. Their chemistry is obvious to viewers who keep voting for the couple. As the pair progress in the competition the lines start to blur as their friendship become more. But soon the couple realize that their families have been meddling, lies have been told, and everything falls apart. Can true love overcome?

If you are looking for a romance that is delivered with delicious baking, witty dialogue, families that meddle, and is all wrapped up with a happy ending, then this may just be the book for you. 

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