Rub a dub, dub, James Bond in a tub. February 9th is Read in the Tub Day and what better way to celebrate it than by looking into some books relating to a tub theme!

Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How Toxicity of Everyday Life Affects our Health by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie

Groundbreaking when first published in 2009, the authors offered themselves to science to raise their personal levels of toxins found in everyday life. In 2019, they released an updated edition with new experiments and their effects on the human body.

Soapsuds by Finola Hughes

Kate McPhee finds the lines cross when her real life and her gig on a popular soap opera start intersecting in this juicy novel. The author might know something about this as Hughes was a regular on General Hospital for 7 years and then coming back to Port Charles on and off again for another 20 years.

Toby and His Old Tin Tub by Colin West

If adventure is your game this chapter book is a perfect for grade school kids. Toby just wants to be a sailor but all he has is his tub. When he gets stranded during storm at sea it is up to him to help a sea giant get over his loneliness.

I should add a word of caution here: reading in the tub is not without its risks. If you drop a library book in the tub, James Bond won’t be there to save the day and you may be on the hook for damage fees. If you don’t want to chance it., here is a picture book that you can read aloud to your child while they are floating in the tub.

How to Give Your Cat a Bath in Five Easy Steps by Nicola Winstanley

A young girl tries outwitting her cat while trying to get it into a bath. What seems to a simple task turns out to have lots of zigs and zags that will have both you and your child giggling away.

These are just a few of the books that your library has to offer so grab your shower cap, pour that water, dump in your bubble bath, and enjoy.