The Food and Beverage (FAB) Region partners are pleased to announce a new video series showcasing several craft brewers in the region, including The Napanee Beer Company from Lennox & Addington County. Other highlighed brewers include 555 Brewing Co., Bancroft Brewing Co., and Wolfe Island Spring Craft Brewery. The videos may be viewed at

In late 2013, in anticipation of the craft brewery boom, the FAB team developed a downloadable handbook on “How to Start A Craft Brewery” as a way to offer supporting resources to aspiring craft brewers and to generate leads and interest in the region. The videos are yet another tool the team has created to support startups. their interviews, the brewers provide advice to new brewers, discuss what they would do differently, the most difficult obstacles they faced when starting out and where they see the industry going.

FAB logo_0.jpgOntario’s Food and Beverage (FAB) Region is an investment marketing partnership structured to attract and grow small scale (artisanal) food and beverage businesses. The partners are Lennox and Addington County,  Hasting County, Prince Edward County, and the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation. The partners strategically focused on craft brewing in 2013 based on both the region’s agricultural and tourism strengths and growth in the sector.

Today, with over 20 breweries and counting, the economic development offices have proved an excellent resource for new business inquiries and those looking to start a craft brewery. This initiative has been supported by the Frontenac CFDC, the Counties of Hastings, Prince Edward and Lennox and Addington and the Community Futures of North and Central Hastings and South Algonquin.

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