(November 9, 2021) Prince Edward-Lennox & Addington Social Services (PELASS) is participating in Ontario’s homeless enumeration. During the week of November 15th, PELASS, in collaboration with community partners, will be completing a local homeless enumeration through a Point-in-Time Count.

Enumeration is the measurement of the number of people experiencing homelessness over a specific period of time. PELASS and Community Providers will be conducting enumeration and individuals experiencing homelessness may also visit a PELASS office from November 15th to 18th to participate. This type of count can provide a more complete picture of homelessness in small, rural and northern communities where homelessness is less visible.

No names or personal identifiers are included in the count and the information gathered is compiled and reported as a total of each County and as a whole for the Service Manager area. In addition to  enumeration, participants have the option to provide their personal contact information so that they can be connected with local housing and community supports.

The information that is collected through enumeration will be used to help plan appropriate programs and services for people at risk-of or experiencing homelessness.


For more information, please contact:

Connor Dorey
Manager, Prince Edward-Lennox & Addington Social Services
613-354-0957 Ext. 2203