The library has three great events going on this March Break across L&A County! These events are free and registration is not required. Drop in for some fun!

Junkyard Symphony

Tuesday, March 13th at 10:30am

In partnership with the Town of Greater Napanee, we will be hosting a great big song and dance event with performances by Junkyard Symphony. Drop by the Strathcona Paper Centre Banquet Hall to join in on this free March Break event. 

Junkyard Symphony strives to promote environmental health and awareness through educational and extraordinary entertainment by reusing old ordinary objects that would otherwise be sadly destined for the junkyard. But to Junkyard Symphony, however, these objects are terrific treasures that can be reused for an even greater purpose... creating lots of big smiles. In the show, the performers are the conductors while the audience is the symphony so be prepared for a radical ride of rapid rhythms, awesome antics, clownish comedy, terrific tricks, magnificent magic, tons of talent, and plenty of participation!

Magician Rob Driscoll

Wednesday, March 14th at 10:30am

In partnership with Loyalist Township, we will be hosting a one of a kind magic show performance by Rob Driscoll. Drop by Amherstview Community Hall to join in on this free March Break event. 

Specializing in family entertainment, Rob Driscoll's interactive and wacky approach creates a carnival-like atmosphere, keeping you in stitches as he performs amazing magic.

Family Concert with David Archibald

Thursday, March 15th at 10:30am

Dust off your singing and dancing shoes and join legendary songwriter/children’s entertainer David Archibald at the Yarker Branch Library. David is a songwriter/composer & playwright who worked with Avril Lavigne and performed songs on Sesame Street. His music is regularly featured on CBC Radio and he is known for his maritime history songs and performances. 

Join us for an energetic and interactive show that will be fun for the whole family!