In 2016, a Library Services Review was conducted by the St. Clement’s Group which provided recommendations to transform our County libraries to reflect the changing needs and expectations of the community. At the October 12, 2016 County Council Working Session, Council received the Library Services Review report and adopted the recommendations in principle.

As part of Phase 2 of the Library Service Review, +VG Architects were engaged to develop a business plan and facility program for two potential new library buildings (one in Napanee, one in Amherstview) that would reflect the Library Service Review recommendations, and to evaluate possible site locations. Since the +VG Architects report was presented to County Council on January 12, 2022, discussions have been taking place with the Town of Greater Napanee regarding an opportunity to collaborate on a new library. In this exploratory phase, we continue to investigate all partnership opportunities in detail and have not committed to any particular plan, partnership, or site location.