On Tuesday, October 17th at 7pm, it's sure to be a fun night of nostalgia at Tuesday Night at the L&A County Museum & Archives in Napanee. Gail Anglin, Pat Moore and Rolan Doucet from the Ottawa StoryTellers will be on hand to tell the story of "The Singing, Swinging Sixties!"

What a time that was. Canada may have been maturing as it turned 100, but the music of the day was as young and fresh and more or less as innocent as the teens who went to the oh-so-popular drive-in movies. You can’t help but enjoy yourself as you listen to Gail Anglin tell a fun story of teen angst, and singers Pat Moore and Roland Doucet invite you to join in on rocking memories of a wonderful era.

Admission is only $3 and tickets are available at the door. 'Tuesday Night at the Museum' is a monthly feature at the L&A County Museum & Archives, located at 97 Thomas Street East in Napanee. For more information about a wide array of programming at the Museum & Archives, please visit www.CountyMuseum.ca or call 613-354-3027.

About the Ottawa StoryTellers:

Gail Anglin - It’s the quality of storyteller Gail Anglin’s voice that strikes people when they first hear her tell stories – a voice full of music, drama, and humour. During her long career as a storyteller, she has entertained audiences from preschoolers to seniors. She and frequent collaborator Tom Lips have sold out the 4th Stage at the National Arts Centre with musical storytelling shows ranging from historical to just plain fun. Gail also directed and appeared in many seasons of “Tent Shows” at the Billings Estate National Historical Site. She is currently President of Ottawa StoryTellers.

Pat Moore - Pat is known for her passion when singing – no matter what the genre. Her warm voice has the emotion and versatility to take you on an emotional journey. Pat started out singing jazz in late ‘70’s with “Jazz Ottawa”, and took her musical career on a journey through bluegrass, country, folk, swing, and recently back to swingin’ jazz. She has performed in many concert venues, including the NAC 4th Stage, Festivals, and one-off venues across Canada. She has two solo CD’s to her credit, as well as a recent release with her bluegrass band. Pat is also well known as a show producer and radio show host on CKCU.

Roland Doucet - Ronald started playing guitar seriously at a young age, took a shine to swing, blues, and jazz, and discovered that the best way to really learn the music was to play, play, play – so that’s what he did. He headed down to New Orleans to play with some of the best, and spent 5 years there cultivating what is a smooth and beautifully interpreted voice on the guitar.

For more information about the Ottawa StoryTellers visit www.OttawaStoryTellers.ca.