Bath, Tamworth and Yarker branches of the County of Lennox & Addington Libraries have new and expanded hours. This change came into effect on June 1st, 2017. 

Monday & Wednesday: 4 pm – 8 pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm

The operating hours were adjusted to provide consistency across the library system and to provide more opportunities for our customers to visit the library. Sixteen hours a week have been added to the operating hours of Bath, Tamworth and Yarker. This will result in five additional hours for Bath, six additional hours for Tamworth and five additional hours for Yarker.

The revised hours were determined based on the usage patterns of our customers. Our operating hours have been adjusted to match the busiest times (most transactions) in our branches as well as taking into consideration convenience for the customer. Our satellite branches will be open for more hours at a schedule that is more convenient to the customer.

For a complete listing of branches locations and hours, click here