All matters in the Napanee Provincial Offences Court will be heard by Zoom audio, videoconferencing or in-person.  Please notify the court if you wish to attend in person.  If you chose to attend virtually, participating by video is recommended as there are technological limitations when joining by telephone.  If you are disconnected from the court proceeding, immediately try to reconnect using the same Meeting ID and Passcode. If you are still having issues, please call the main office at 613-354-1672.

Wednesday Court Appearances

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Please Call: 1-613-209-3054         

Meeting ID: 844 3153 5711

Passcode: 960653


Thursday Court Appearances

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Please Call: 1-613-209-3054

Meeting ID: 879 1001 8136

Passcode: 612301


A zoom account is not required to participate in Zoom hearings.  For more information on how to operate Zoom, view the Zoom User Guide to Hearings in the Ontario Court of Justice.  If you wish to download the Zoom application free of charge, visit  User tutorials for Zoom are available at


Note: Recording/photographing/live streaming of court proceedings is strictly prohibited.  It is an offence under Section 136 of the Courts of Justice Act, and may constitute contempt of court, to record, photograph, publish or broadcast court proceedings without express permission of the presiding judicial official.  The Protocol Regarding the Use of Electronic Communication Devices in Court Proceedings remains in effect.



If you have a trial scheduled virtually, you must appear by video for your trial, you may not join by telephone.

If you have evidence to submit for your Trial date please email to


Members of the Public and Media Representatives

Members of the public and media representatives may attend any of our court hearings and are encouraged to review Access to Court Hearings  - connecting to our remote hearings, we recommend that you join the court proceedings using the Zoom link.  Rename yourself as “Observer” and remain on mute to avoid interruptions, unless requested otherwise by the Justice of the Peace.