This special exhibit from the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science is sure to leave your imagination soaring. 

“Once Upon A Time” was the first means of literacy for people. Oral legends created from one teller to another, they travel and evolve as time goes by. Over the past few years, storytellers, authors and musicians have contributed to the revival of oral traditions. They are bringing back to life a whole spectrum of our cultural heritage. This now allows these forgotten legends and myths of our nations to come back to life and be recognized.

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The exhibition dives into the heart of legends and myths through stories captured from Canadian and Indigenous heritage. Visitors will be able to leave reality for a moment to explore uncharted territories created by the various storytellers’ imagination. This exhibition focuses on a world inhabited by weird and scary creatures, strange phenomenon and characters with strange magical powers...

This exhibit is on display until September 25, 2021.

Tales of Fantasy Exhibit Web.jpg


Thank you to the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Museum Assistance Program who have partly funded this exhibition.