Join Betty Bennett and Angelica Ottewill for a programme of interactive songs and stories from the Emerald Isle and one or two other places. The magical strains of Angelica’s harp will transport the listener to another time and place. Learn about leprechauns, King Brian Boru, and hear a funny story about a boy with a very tiny nose who grew up to be a man with a very tiny nose. But even though he had a tiny nose, he was so brave and clever that he defeated a giant and won the heart of a beautiful princess.

As a library technician, Betty always loved listening to stories and in 2007, attended the Toronto Storytelling School’s Intensive Workshop. She subsequently joined the Peterborough Storytellers (PbS) in 2008 where she has been an active member ever since. Betty’s preferred genre is traditional folktale and fairytales containing wisdom that is universal and has stood the test of time, but she has expanded her repertoire to include local history and personal stories.

Angelica Ottewill is a classically trained singer and harpist, who combines the art of storytelling with music. She has developed the skill of weaving the music and the stories seamlessly together, and exploiting the harp to add drama and colour to the spoken words. Her repertoire covers a wealth of stories from around the world in which music plays a central part. Betty and Angelica Ottewill have been developing a repertoire of traditional stories that blend harp, voice and storytelling in a manner appealing to both children and adults.

Admission is $3 each. For more information, please visit