Hear from author Janet Kellough as she discusses "History and Fiction: Writing the Thaddeus Lewis Mystery Series" at Tuesday Night at the Museum on November 20th at 7pm.

The Thaddeus Lewis books are loosely based on the real-life experiences of a 19th century saddlebag preacher in Upper Canada. Author Janet Kellough discusses her research on the era and how she connected the historical figure with modern readers.

Admission is $3. This event is proudly presented by the L&A County Museum & Archives and the County of L&A Libraries. for more information please visit www.CountyMuseum.ca or call 613-354-3027.


About Janet Kellough

Janet Kellough is the author of six novels in The Thaddeus Lewis Mystery series, set in mid-19th century Upper Canada: On the Head of a Pin, Sowing Poison, 47 Sorrows, The Burying Ground, Wishful Seeing (short-listed for the 2017 Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel) and The Heart Balm Tort. She has also written two contemporary novels, The Palace of the Moon and The Pear Shaped Woman, as well as  the semi-non-fictional Legendary Guide to Prince Edward County and the speculative fiction/thriller The Bathwater Conspiracy. Also a storyteller, Janet has released two audio recordings, Swear On My Mother’s Grave and Fowke Tales Live at Lang. She lives in an old farmhouse in an unfashionable part of Prince Edward County with her husband Rob, miscellaneous critters and thousands of red cedar trees.