Join the L&A County Museum and Archives staff as they participate in some whimsical holiday fun! We will be live streaming to Facebook Kim, JoAnne and Amber as they tackle a variety of festive activities. Blending tradition and some friendly competition, we are excited to provide some fun and entertainment.


November 30th – Tree Decorating Challenge

Our wonderful museum and archives interns will be creating 3 decoration boxes for Amber, JoAnne and Kim to choose from.  The challenge will be that we have to use all of the decorations and items included in the boxes.  Join us live on Facebook as we will have 60 minutes to decorate the tree and wrap presents.  We will see if the interns create equal boxes or if they try to snooker one of us. It is sure to be an hour of laughter and holiday cheer. 


December 7 – Needle Point Design Challenge

Learn how to do a needlepoint with museum staff who are trying for the first time! Vote on your favorite for your chance to win a holiday needlepoint kit to enjoy at home.


December 14 – Baking Challenge with Historical Recipe and special guest Ellena

With a recipe from our archives, Amber, Jo and Kim will be challenged to prep/bake/decorate and display the item then have it taste tested by Ellena. This will be done as a zoom meet with the three of us to hear the interactions, and holiday cheer. We will bring in our items from home and have Ellena taste test each item to pick the winner.


December 21 – Centre Piece Challenge (At Home Challenge)

Using required list of décor provided by Napanee Blooms, the museum staff are celebrating the tradition of evergreens. Amber, JoAnne and Kim will be challenged to create a special centerpiece for their holiday meal but will have to use all of the items included in the baskets.

Tune into each of the challenges live on Facebook. You may not learn a lot about how to properly make the crafts, but we're sure you'll have a lot of fun watching regardless!