Museum & Archives Events

March 23

Is the Antiques Industry Alive and Viable? 

March 23rd

7:00 pm

Join antiques appraiser Janet Carlile for a candid virtual talk on the current antiques industry. Jan will cover the current market for antiques in Canada, how it is diversifying, the winners and losers and also the business itself – the good, the bad and the downright ugly. 


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April 6

What Gravestones Can Tell You About Your Ancestors: A Genealogists Guide

April 6th

7:00 pm

Genealogists know information retrieved from gravestones has a practical application to identify the deceased. However, gravestones, as a research tool, can offer up more information about your ancestors when interpreted correctly. Besides functioning as a memorial to the deceased, gravestones provide insight into nineteenth and twentieth century life.

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April 8

Jane E. MacNamara: Life on the Farm, Your Ancestor‘s Place in Ontario Agriculture

April 8th

7:00 pm

We often think of farming as a traditional occupation—something that hasn’t really changed much. But that is not and was never the case. Farmers had to react and adapt to changing conditions like climate, technology, economics, new markets and new competitors. Some farmers did more than adapt.

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April 20

Family History Series Part 1 – Kyla Ubbink

April 20th

1:00 pm

If a picture says a thousand words, then a family photograph tells a thousand tales; and ones we want to pass on and keep for the future. Knowing the photographic processes used to create an image helps identify the era the picture was taken in, and guides us in how to go about handling, using and preserving that image.

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