New amenities, convenient location, warm atmosphere the hallmark of revitalized Mazinaw Residence Inn.

Located in the heart of Addington Highlands near Bon Echo Provincial Park, the Mazinaw Residence Inn is in the midst of a wonderful revival, and is as busy as it’s ever been under the direction of new owners James Chen and his wife Aranay.

The couple took over ownership and operation of the rustic hotel in late 2016, but spared no time or expense in upgrading the rooms and adding or renewing some important amenities that are quickly making the Mazinaw Residence Inn the place to stop, eat and rest for travellers using many different modes of transportation.

“We were in the restaurant business for a while in Toronto and we decided that we wanted to get into the motel business. We liked this place because it already had a restaurant inside and a bar inside, although the bar wasn’t in use at the time. So, our first priorities were to get the restaurant back up and running as quickly as possible,” explained Chen, who said he and his wife were familiar with the area and jumped at the chance to move to Cloyne.

“We like the area; we have been around this area before as visitors and we had been to Bon Echo Park. So, we knew this was a good area and when we saw the opportunity with the hotel, we decided to give it a try.”

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The biggest challenge is also the one that is doing the most to bring in new visitors – spending the time, money and energy to improve the amenities of the hotel and make the Mazinaw Residence Inn attractive to visitors from far and wide.

“Everyone has been very good to us. It was a challenge to restart the restaurant because it had been closed for a little bit. And the previous owner didn’t have TVs in the rooms, so we have been putting new TVs in the rooms and doing other little finishing touches to make the rooms nicer. There is a lot of paperwork involved in getting the bar licence again, but we know it will be worth it because it will mean that visitors and tourists will have everything they want here in one place,” Chen said.

“I think that’s what makes us special. We are right on Highway 41 and we also have a snowmobile trail and ATV trail right next to the Inn, so it makes for a great one-stop visit because everything is here: the rooms, the restaurant, the bar and we have a service station right across the street. A lot of snowmobilers come here, they sleep, they eat and then they go straight to the trail the next morning and then continue on their trip. I think that makes us very unique.”

In the warmer months, tourists, anglers, hikers, campers and hunters are frequent visitors, with the Mazinaw Residence Inn being a great place to begin an exploration of the Township and northern portion of L&A County. If the weather gets too rainy or stormy for campers at Bon Echo, they don’t have to go far to acquire warm, dry accommodations, as well as a hot meal and a few beverages too.

“We also get people working in the area staying here. We had some loggers stay with us for three months, because their logging work was right near the hotel. Sometimes the people from Ontario Hydro stay here and we get a lot of hunters and fisherman. Mostly they come from southern parts of Ontario but we do know that people from other places also come here for the nature and for the park,” Chen said, adding that he and his wife much prefer the quiet, natural surroundings and pace of life of L&A County compared to the big city.

“People are less busy and they are very friendly and very supportive. We are very happy to be here,” he said.

For more information on the Mazinaw Residence Inn, visit or call 613-336-9054.