Dear Families of JMPC Residents,

I’m sure we can agree that the news relating to COVID-19 has been overwhelming. This is especially true of the tragic stories coming out of Long Term Care (LTC) and retirement homes across the province. As staff working in LTC, we cannot imagine how isolating and helpless you must feel not being able to visit your loved one at the John M Parrott Centre (JMPC). 

This is an unprecedented time in history and we are all in this together.

This notice serves to inform you of the enhancements and protocols currently in place at JMPC. We hope it assures you that we are taking every precaution to safeguard the health and well-being of your loved one.

Entry into the Home

  • Only staff and essential visitors are permitted into the Home. Essential visitors, in this context, are defined as individuals visiting residents who are at end of life/palliative/very ill. Only one essential visitor will be permitted per resident at a time
  • We now have one point of entry into the Home and, in an effort to promote physical distancing, only two people can be in the entrance vestibule at one time
  • In this vestibule area, we are set up with screening equipment. All staff and visitors must take their temperature prior to entering the Home. Anyone presenting a temperature above 37.7 C (99.86 F) will be denied entry and directed to report to LACGH for COVID testing
  • The main entrance is locked and can only be opened from the inside with a staff swipe card.
  • In the interest of safety, the screening table is set up on the inside of the front foyer. Staff operating the screening table (seven days a week, 6am-10:30pm) will speak to anyone coming into the vestibule via the doorbell intercom system
  • A clear bin has been placed in the vestibule area for families wishing to drop items off for a resident. Please ensure that items are labelled with the resident’s name. Items are stored for 24 hours in a secure location before being delivered to the resident’s bedroom
  • Essential visitors who pass the screening tool and are permitted entrance into the Home will be provided with the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment including a mask and gown). The PPE must be worn prior to entry and throughout the duration of each visit

Resident Care and Activation

  • All new admissions and readmissions entering the Home will receive a COVID test within 7 days and will be isolated for a full 14 days inclusive of all meals. They are placed on droplet precautions, meaning that staff who provide care to these residents will put on a gown, gloves, and mask
  • Our Environmental staff are cleaning with PerCept, a hospital disinfectant that is commonly used during outbreaks. They pay particular attention to high touch areas. During the screening table’s operating hours, high touch areas in the lobby and tea room are cleaned every hour
  • In addition to these enhancements, we also use a Clorox 360 machine from Monday through Friday (and as needed after hours) throughout the entire Home, including all staff areas. If you are interested in learning about this incredibly effective machine, click here
  • The dining room is set up for two residents per table. This practice has also been extended to the lounge and Gibbard dining room, but does not occur in our Lilac Knoll area given the unique needs of these residents
  • In an effort to monitor and quickly respond to health changes, the temperatures of all residents are taken twice daily. Residents presenting even the slightest COVID symptom are swabbed for Coronavirus
  • To support interactive conversations between residents and their families, we are facilitating Zoom (video) chats. If you are interested in setting up a video chat, please contact Candice McMullen, our new Activation Coordinator, by clicking here
  • We have recently participated in some amazing virtual musical programs live streamed to LTC residents. During all resident programs, we are mindful of physical distancing guidelines
  • On April 7, we began setting out patio furniture in all of our interior facing outdoor spaces. Residents are encouraged to access these spaces should they wish to do so

Staff Protocols

  • Our staff are encouraged to bring a change of clothing and footwear for the end of their shift. They have also been provided with optional access to a shower and towels. This recommendation exceeds the current requirements of Public Health
  • Our hairdresser, a JMPC staff member, regularly attends the Home. We are the only Home to which she currently provides service. The salon permits only one resident at a time
  • Our Physiotherapy program continues to support our residents in maintaining their mobility, minimizing the risk of respiratory infections related to reduced mobility. These physiotherapy staff also work only at JMPC
  • In early March (and ongoing), staff received refresher training on proper application and removal of PPE as well as effective hand hygiene reminders
  • As of April 9, 2020, we received a Ministry directive that requires all staff to wear a mask at all times while in the Home. Staff wear each mask for 4 hours and then receive a new mask


  • We work very closely with KFLA Public Health as well as the Ministry of Long Term Care
  • We provide daily updates to the Ministry of Long Term Care regarding our PPE inventory
  • As JMPC is owned and operated by the County of Lennox & Addington, we meet several times a week with the County’s Emergency Operations Group, which includes County staff, as well as partners from the lower tier municipalities, Lennox & Addington General Hospital, and the OPP. This partnership has resulted in sharing opportunities, and a consistent and coordinated communication platform. Visit for more information
  • In a continued effort to keep you informed about practices in place at our Home, we’d like to send you regular updates. Please enter your email below so we can send you weekly updates

These are very trying times for everyone, especially for those dedicated and compassionate staff working tirelessly to support your loved one.  We ask that you try to limit phone calls to the Home as we focus our attention on the care and well-being of our residents.

Stay safe, stay isolated, and wash your hands,

Angela Malcolm RN

Director, Long Term Care Services

The John M Parrott Centre


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