Staff Pick: Crossroads

May 14, 2021

Kelly recently read Crossroads: My Story of Tragedy and Resilience as a Humboldt Bronco by Kaleb Dahlgren, a "stunning book from one of the thirteen survivors of the Humboldt Bronco’s bus crash that killed sixteen in 2018". She describes it as "an incredible book of survival, recovery, and resilience from a horrific tragedy." Here is her full review:

Staff Picks: A Waterfront Wedding

May 5, 2021

Karen recently enjoyed A Waterfront Wedding by Leigh Duncan, a gentle romance that is available on-demand in audiobook format via Hoopla. Here is her review:

Evelyn is filling in for her cousin, running The Captain’s Cottage, the premier wedding venue in Heart’s Landing, and her childhood friend and old flame, Ryan, has recently renovated the town’s old boatworks into a beautiful, brand new wedding spot. Now the two are competing for who will host the couple who are the winners of the “Wedding in a Week” contest, run by a well know bridal magazine.

Staff Pick: The Stolen Sisters

April 29, 2021

Marg recently enjoyed the new psychological thriller Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen, a dual timeline rollercoaster ride. Here is her review:

Twenty years ago tragedy strikes the Sinclair family when siblings Leah, Marie and Carly are abducted from the backyard of their house while thirteen year old Carly is left in charge. The trauma they endure in the days to follow will shape their lives for years to come.

Staff Pick: Surviving Savannah

April 20, 2021

Patricia recently enjoyed Patti Callahan’s Surviving Savannah, a historical novel centered on the Steamship Pulaski disaster in the 1830s. Here is her review:

If historical fiction or stories with a dual time line are of interest to you then Surviving Savannah just might be a book you should add to your to be read pile.

Staff Pick: Through the Garden

April 9, 2021

Kelly recently enjoyed Writer's Trust finalist Through the Garden. It's a moving memoir about poet Lorna Crozier's long relationship with fellow poet Patrick Lane. Here is Kelly's review:

Staff Picks: Apple in the Middle

April 1, 2021

Kristin recently enjoyed Apple in the Middle by Dawn Quigley, a debut Young Adult novel that takes on an adolescent's quest for identity. Here's Kristin's review:

Staff Picks: The Library of Legends

March 24, 2021

Jennifer recently enjoyed The Library of Legends by Janie Chang, one of the ten titles in contention for the 2021 OLA Evergreen Award. Check out her review:

In this charming tale of hope amidst war, Chang interweaves historical accounts of the Sino-Japanese war (the Asian theatre of war in WWII) with magical realism. She blends the wartime exodus of Chinese university students safeguarding literary treasures with the mythical departure of legendary deities. The story underscores how the war changes China forever.

Staff Pick: Band of Sisters

March 17, 2021

Karen S recently enjoyed Band of Sisters by Lauren Willig, a brand new novel of historical fiction set against the British home front circa March 1918. Here is her review:

In the final year of World War I, a group of Smith College alumni known as the Smith College Relief Unit went to France to give aid to the remaining residents of destroyed French villages near the front line. Miraculously, every member of the unit made it home safe, both in life and in Lauren Willig’s latest historical novel.

Staff Picks: A New Day

March 11, 2021

Coleen recently enjoyed A New Day by Brad Meltzer and Dan Santat, a funny children's book about the days of the week. Here is her review:

Colourful cartoon-like appeal abounds in the picture book A New Day, which features anthropomorphic days of the week having their own audition-style competition. Sunday feels underappreciated and suddenly quits, leaving the other days of the week to take on the task of trying to replace her.

Staff Picks: The Nature of Fragile Things

March 1, 2021

Marg recently enjoyed The Nature of Fragile Things by Susan Meissner, a "electrifying, atmospheric" historical novel set in early 20th Century San Francisco. Here is her review:

I have been a fan of Susan Meissner’s since I read The Fall of Marigolds several years ago and I have been anticipating reading her latest offering The Nature of Fragile Things for some time now, needless to say I was not disappointed.