Marg enjoyed reading The Yawns are Coming by Chris Eliopoulos to her grandkids more than once this past summer. Here is her review of this delightful picture book:

This is a charming and witty children’s story much enjoyed by my grandchildren and I this summer, in fact we read it so often my 4 year-old granddaughter could recite it from memory! Two best friends decide to make the most of their sleepover by staying up all night and enjoying a long list of fun activities they have planned; playing hide & seek, board games and soccer, jumping on the trampoline and catching fireflies. Before long, to the dismay of boys, they catch the Yawns then a Doze arrives to spoil their fun closely followed by the Snores and the Sleepies and before they know it they are both fast asleep! This delightful story is beautifully illustrated and a great choice for bedtime or story time.

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