Chantell McMahon recently enjoyed Something Worth Saving by Sandi Ward, a heartwarming story that is sure to capture the hearts of all animal lovers.  Here is her review:

This beautifully written novel is a family drama, narrated from the perspective of the family cat Lily. Overlooked due to her injured leg, Charlie insists on rescuing her from the shelter despite her flaws.

Being the only witness to the bruises seen on Charlie’s body, Lily has made it her mission to save Charlie and get the rest of the family to focus on helping him. But this proves to be difficult when Charlie’s family and now a random stranger whose been hanging around are wrapped up in problems of their own.

Something Worth Saving is a powerful story of fractured family, a teenage boy, and a remarkable cat whose loyalty knows no bounds. Most of us have probably wondered a time or two what our animals maybe thinking or what they maybe trying to tell us and this book gives a likely interpretation of what might be going on inside their little heads.  Upon finishing this book I had to give my cat Toby a big cuddle and belly rub, in a way to say thank you for being there.  I give this book four paws up!

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