Andree recently enjoyed Nightfall Berlin by Jack Grimwood, which she described as "a smartly written novel that moves at break-neck speed." Read her review here:

In 1986, Major Tom Fox is sent on a mission to extradite Sir Cecil Blackburn who defected to East Berlin year earlier and now claims he wants to return to England.  When he meets Blackburn, the traitor has changed his mind and wants to stay put. Fox is unsure how to proceed. He returns the next day to find Blackburn and his bodyguard murdered. Deemed the prime suspect, the Major is hunted by both KGB and Stasi agents. He flees into the underbelly of the bleak walled off section of East Berlin.

Nightfall Berlin by Jack Grimwood is a smartly written novel that moves at break-neck speed. Fox is a skillfully drawn character by turns kind or hard based on the situation.  The events that occurred during WW II at Reinckendolf, a former hunting lodge, is central to the story. Fox must discover the terrible truth to ensure his survival and rescue his kidnapped son from those trying to cover it up.

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