Chantell McMahon recently enjoyed a new juvenile easy reader series, Monkey & Cake, which is written by Drew Daywalt, the best selling author of The Day the Crayons Quit. This series is based on the friendship between Monkey and Cake and their silly, laugh out loud adventures depicted in the following three books. Click any of the titles below to place a hold in our online catalogue. 

What is Inside This Box?

In this book, Monkey & Cake cannot agree what’s inside Monkey’s mysterious box. Monkey believes there is a magic cat and Cake thinks it’s a dinosaur. When the box is opened the contents disappear and only reappear when the box is closed. Readers will be amused, once they see what emerges from the mysterious box at the end.

This is My Fort!

Cake has built a fort with, no intentions of allowing Monkey inside the fort. Monkey feeling left out comes up with the bright idea to make his own “rest of the world” fort that excludes Cake. The two friends quickly learn being excluded is no fun and that they enjoy spending time together instead of being apart and find a way to have fun together.

My Tooth is Lost!

Monkey has lost a tooth and is feeling very sad about it. Cake tries to cheer him up by telling him all about the tooth fairy. Cake reassures Monkey that the tooth fairy will still come, but Monkey is still unsure. Will they find the lost tooth?  A fun twist concludes the story, with a third character being revealed.

The quirkiness of the characters, the simple text, and the bright illustrations in these books make them perfect for read-alouds and great for children just starting to read. If you’re a fan of Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie books, you’re sure to enjoy Monkey and Cake as well.