Pedestrian Crossover Installed at County Road 8 at James Street in Napanee

The County of Lennox & Addington in conjunction with the Limestone District School Board has installed a Pedestrian Crossover to improve safety for pedestrians crossing County Road 8 in the Town of Greater Napanee.

The Pedestrian Crossover is located just north of Southview Public School on County Road 8 at James Street (by the entrance to the Napanee Golf & Country Club). At this Pedestrian Crossover, drivers and cyclists are required by law to stop for pedestrians and wait until they have completely crossed the road before they can proceed. This is different from a typical intersection where drivers may proceed once a pedestrian has crossed halfway across the road.

Pedestrian Crossovers are relatively new to Ontario roadways. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians may not have encountered them before in their travels. Their design contains the following key elements: Pedestrian Signs, Pavement Markings and Rapid Flashing Beacons. The pavement markings include pedestrian crossing stripes and a row of triangular (sharks teeth) markings indicating the Yield to Pedestrians Line. The signs are equipped with yellow rapid flashing beacons that are activated by a pedestrian pushbutton.

Pedestrians are required to press the button to activate the yellow flashing beacons and ensure that vehicles have come to a stop before crossing the roadway. When the driver is stopped, pedestrians should make eye contact with the driver before they begin to cross the road. Drivers and cyclists must stop and yield the whole roadway to pedestrians at pedestrian crossovers, and need to watch closely for children in the vicinity.

The penalty for not yielding the whole roadway to pedestrians at pedestrian crossovers and school crossings is a fine that ranges from $150 to $500 and drivers may also face three demerit points upon conviction.

Click here to view an instructional infographic about Pedestrian Crossovers. More information can be found by visiting The Ministry of Transportation website.


For more details, please contact:
Jim Klaver
Operations and Development Technologist
613-354-4883 ext. 3226