It’s a Special Event day at the L&A County Museum in Napanee! On July 15th the Toronto based Puppet Show Company, The Little Red Theatre, will be putting on a performance of the Firebird. The famous Russian fable tells the story of a Tsar who promises his kingdom as a reward to the son who can capture the wild and precious Firebird. Prince Ivan struggles with the weight of his quest but successfully walks a difficult path full of adventure and the help of a magical fox. Done in the round, with dance, lots of audience participation and great storytelling, your children will be amused, engaged, entertained and well educated.

Admission is $3 per person. For more information, call 613-354-3027. Please bring your own lawn chair, as this will be an outdoor event.

About the Presenter:

Little Red Theatre is an independent children’s theatre company that is a non-profit charity and has been bringing the magic of theatre to children for over 30 years. Founded in 1988 by Artistic Director Jody Terio, Little Red has two divisions: a touring theatre troupe that performs theatre shows in schools across Ontario, and an after-school educational program that gives students (ages 6-16) in Toronto’s Roncesvalles Village area, the opportunity to create their own musical theatre production and perform it for their classmates, friends, and family. Through each of these programs, Little Red is able to do its part to make sure that live theatre, one of the most powerfully effective performing arts, is an integral part of our youth’s artistic experience.