When spring arrives, so too does the rain. We can't control the weather, but at least we can enjoy some of the effects of the steady showers in April and May.

I recently had a chance to get a first-hand look at some of the magnificent flows of water at locations across the County. Take a look at some of my favourite places to see a waterfall in Lennox & Addington.



Flinton Dam, Flinton

The Skootamatta River is always high this time of year. The river is a popular destinati. Getting sprinkled with the mist of the falls at Flinton Conservation Area provides ample adventure for me. 


Salmon River, Tamworth

The old dam in Tamworth always provides a pretty scene, no matter the season. The Salmon River flows swiftly beside the old mill.


Conservation Park, Newburgh

The Napanee River flows mightily this time of year. Conservation Park in Newburgh is a great place to view the flow up close.


Buttermilk Falls, Forest Mills

Buttermilk Falls in Forest Mills offers one of the best spots to view a waterfall in Lennox & Addington County. You could spend a great deal of time watching the Salmon River from this location. 


Springside Park Falls, Napanee

Springside Park in Napanee is home to the most popular waterfall in Lennox & Addington. It's found along the Springside Park Trail, a nice stroll that takes you along the shore of the Napanee River to Conservation Park. 


Wilton Creek at Babcock Mill, Odessa

History meets nature at this location in Odessa. The Babcock Mill once used the water flowing by to power the basket-making machinery found inside. It now sits idle, but is still very beautiful to look at. 


Wilton Creek, Wilton

I admit, there's nothing breathtaking about this location in Wilton. It's a nice little stream that slows to a trickle during the summer months. It is, however, directly beside the famous Wilton Cheese Factory and their squeaky cheese curds. It's definitely worth the visit and the main reason why this location made the list.