The Perseid Meteor Shower, the northern hemisphere's finest annual display of 'shooting stars', peaks during the overnight hours of August 11th & 12th. One of the best places to see the meteors in North America is at the Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area! If you watch the night sky for at least 15 minutes on that night, you are guaranteed to see at least one meteor—likely more. The longer you watch, the more meteors will flash through the sky.  

Please note: the peak is a week before a new moon so conditions should be quite good (weather permitting). Telescopes or binoculars are not required for meteor viewing, nor are they recommended because the bright streaks move quickly and can appear anywhere in the sky. Just bring a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy the shower!

Admission is free! For more information visit Be sure to follow the DSVA event on Facebook for updates about weather conditions.

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